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Books of the Bible Abbreviations 

Quotations from the Holy Bible throughout this book are a literal synthesis or blending of several translations.  They are not to be interpreted or used as official translations of the Sacred Scriptures.


Old Testament
(No Abbreviations)


New Testament

Matt  Matthew            1 Tim  1 Timothy
Mark  Mark     2 Tim  2 Timothy
Luke  Luke     Titus  Titus
John  John     Philem  Philemon
Acts  Acts     Heb  Hebrews
Rom  Romans     James  James
1 Cor  1 Corinthians     1 Peter  1 Peter
2 Cor  2 Corinthians     2 Peter  2 Peter
Gal  Galatians     1 John  1 John
Eph  Ephesians     2 John  2 John
Phil  Philippians     3 John  3 John
Col  Colossians     Jude  Jude
1 Thes  1 Thessalonians     Rev  Revelation
2 Thes  2 Thessalonians      


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