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Chapter 24

The True You


We make ourselves a ladder
out of our vices
if we trample the vices themselves
—St. Augustine



God wants to restore your innocence again, and He can, if you let Him.  Let go of impurity in thought, word and deed.  Pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to Jesus Christ the Lord.  They will free you from the tyranny of the enemy and he will take flight.  Then, get the help you need from others, from the sacraments, from the teaching of the Church and the writings of the saints or other holy authors.  The true you will begin to emerge from the darkness and death of sin.  You will come to life again.  You are good, you are true, and you are you, “unique, precious and unrepeatable.” (St. John Paul II)  At the same time, in order to preserve humility, keep in mind that you are different, as we all are, but not special.  You have the same basic human nature as all other people.

Men and women, while certainly not the same, are absolutely equal in dignity, worth and value by reason of their common humanity and capacity for union with God.  “Everything that has been said so far about Christ’s attitude to women confirms and clarifies, in the Holy Spirit, the truth about the equality of man and woman.  One must speak of an essential ‘equality,’ since both of them—the woman as much as the man—are created in the image and likeness of God.  Both of them are equally capable of receiving the outpouring of divine truth and love in the Holy Spirit.” (St. John Paul II)


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