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Chapter 42

Married Life


It was God who brought Eve to Adam
and gave her to him as his wife,
and it is God, my friends, who with his invisible hand
bound the knot which united you
and gave you to one another;
therefore give good heed that you cherish a love
which is holy, sacred and divine.
—St. Francis de Sales



Old wine is better than new.  So too, mature love that has stood the test of time is more sublime, deep and satisfying than new love.  Although the bubbly effervescence of that early passion has gone out of the relationship, it has changed into a divine wine that is strong, smooth and stable.  “You have kept the best wine until the end.” (John 2:10)  Every Christian couple that is faithful to the Lord and to each other will sooner or later experience the miracle of true love.  Jesus Christ will bless their marriage and make it better than ever in the supernatural love of the Holy Spirit.  The Divine Presence will descend upon them bestowing a deep peace, a quiet joy, and love divine, at least at times.  He will change their water into wine.  What was primarily natural human love, will become primarily supernatural spiritual love.  What was an uphill climb of self-denial and discipline, will become an outward flow of service and abandonment.  “Come to me, all you that labor and are heavily burdened, and I will refresh you.  For my yoke is sweet, and my burden light.” (Matt. 11:28,30)


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