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Chapter 43

Single Life


True friendship consists
in mutually perfecting one another
and drawing closer to God.
—St. Teresa of the Andes



If your eye is single, your whole body shall be full of light.” (Matt. 6:22)  The Christian single life is focused on the love of Christ in the light of the Holy Spirit while, at the same time, it is open to other relationships that complement, but do not contradict, that fundamental relationship with Christ Jesus.  While this is true for every true Christian, Christian singles are particularly free to be with a variety of persons and available for many different types of service.  Their free time is generally more plentiful than others which can be an opportunity for more prayer and spiritual growth, for more spiritual or corporal works of mercy.  It can also be the occasion of sin, and destructive behaviors can creep in if the extra free time is not redeemed or spent wisely. (Eph. 5:1-20)  Laziness or sloth can weigh down, lust or impurity may gain ground, “problem drinking” or alcoholism can drowned under some addiction.  The proper use of time is necessary for everyone who wants to grow closer to God, but especially for those who are single and “free.”  They need to nourish their spiritual life with rightly ordered relationships that are healthy, humanly and spiritually, as well as quiet times alone with God in order to avoid that void which opens the door to the devil.  Then, they will continue to grow as a Christian, despite the cross of loneliness at times.  Only the soul that has let go of selfish attachments, passed through the pain of loneliness and emptiness, can know the spiritual joy, freedom and peace of Christ’s presence on a deeper level.  His love surpasses all others, knows no bounds, and truly satisfies in the end.


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