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Lyrics & Lessons of Love

The Flame of Love
Lyric 2


The Flame of Love, so sweet, so pure,
burns brightly and strongly at Love’s true Word.

I burn and consume all contrary vices,
all sin and habits that heed not My will.
See Me, God’s Holy Spirit, enkindle thy heart
in love for the Father, in faith of the Son,
and in truth of the Spirit, three in thee, yet One.
See Me teach profound truths
with the greatest of ease;
do not stain, do not fear,
when you feel the gentle breeze.

Know that I am flowing through you
in every bone, limb, and desire.
Know that Love is a flame that chastens the flesh,
and the spirit inspires.

See Me bring thee to utter poverty, to fine simplicity,
to love unbound,
and know that when all you once knew
is vehemently consumed
in Love’s pure flame
that you have found Love’s treasure
and in the measure
that God’s will ordains.
So now, be still, and let My flame grow and grow
until you no longer know, nor see, nor can be
anything other than what you were created to be
in Me.
That is to be free in perfect charity
in the Father, and the Son, and the Spirit,
Holy Blessed Trinity.


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