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Lyrics & Lessons of Love

Resting in God
Lyric 3


Resting in God, the soul is at peace
Resting in quiet, the river flows free

Peacefully carried, on the wings of the Dove
Perfectly married, in the flight of new love

Wholly captivated, by the wondrous Sun
Calmly contemplating, the wonders from above

Singing sweetly, as a bird in its flight
Flying freely, once released from the night

Heavenly mansion, in the heart of Christ
Familiar home, the life of Christ

Carried along, in the river of peace
Flowing along, the way of peace

Solitude silence, serene simplicity
Happily hearing, the wise-loving breeze

Walking together in the cool of the eve
Shoulder to shoulder with the Father in-deed

Finally falling, into God’s arms
Abandoning always, the self with its harms

Eternal wisdom, joy, love, and peace
Everlasting knowledge, fortitude, and grace

Willing God’s will, for God’s sake
Praising God’s love, for God did us make


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